Take full advantage of the Certified DISC Coach Program by understanding the certification process.


Take full advantage of the Certified DISC Coach Program by understanding the certification process.

You’ve Got Certification Questions.
We Have the Answers.

We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions regarding DISC certification and provided
the answers you need to understand the process, as well as
what will happen after you’re certified

What is the process for certification?

Our approach to certification is very personal. In addition to attending the live training sessions, you will receive two private, one-hour coaching sessions with your instructor.

During the first session, which happens after you’ve taken your own assessment and prior to class, your instructor will debrief you on your results, introduce you to the language, and help you get prepared for class.

The second session happens after you’ve completed the class and have had a chance to practice your new skills by completing at least three debriefs with others. It is during this second session that you become certified.

How can I tell others I am certified?

Upon certification, you can:

  • Begin using the designation of CDC (Certified DISC Coach) after your name to show others your expertise in assessments.
  • Share your certification proudly by placing your certification badge in your email signature line, all marketing materials, your website, and other electronic media.

After I am certified, can I teach others about DISC?

Yes, we encourage you to go out and teach others about the tools and how to use them. In fact, we provide you with a PowerPoint deck to get you started. However, you are not able to certify others in the tools. Institute Success remains the certification body for Certified DISC, Certified DISC+ Values, and Advanced Insights Coach Programs.

What happens after I become certified?

You will be invited to participate in monthly coaching calls with other certified coaches from across the country to learn how to grow your business, maximize using assessments within your organization, and continue to develop your debriefing skills.

You can always refresh your skills and continue your learning by auditing any previously attended Certification Coach Training or public Communications Workshop for a fee of $95.

Can I get continuing education credits for attending?

Absolutely. If you are an ICF member, you will receive 9 CCEs (5.5 core competency and 3.5 resource development) for the Certified DISC Program and 17 (10 core competency and 7 resource development) for the Certified DISC+ Values Program.

For SHRM, you will receive 9 PDCs for the Certified DISC Coach Program and 17 for the Certified DISC+ Values Program.

You may apply as continuing education for many professional organizations, such as PMI and ATD.

Can I purchase assessments from you once I become certified?

Yes. Following your completion of the class, you will be invited to a volume discussion about the best purchasing options for you. We offer a variety of pricing options and packages, including subscription pricing.

How do I apply for continuing education credits with PMI, ATD, PHR, SPHR, and GPHR?

You will receive a certificate upon completion of the program, which will include the number of hours you completed.