Top HR professionals and coaches know that understanding the DISC language is a must when communicating with others.
They apply it to help the clients and teams they work with achieve better results faster,
reducing turnover and improving performance.


The Golden Rule is wrong.

How many people do you encounter who are just like you? Not many, right? The Golden Rule is great when dealing with someone like you, but most people you encounter will not be. The neutral language of DISC will help you instantly identify their communication style.

You’ll be better equipped to interact with them successfully and achieve better outcomes—not only for your business but also in your personal life.

Whether you want to connect with clients, foster effective communication, or mitigate hiring mistakes, DISC Certification for HR professionals, consultants, and coaches will help.

Get the best tools, coaching, training, and support to succeed.

Achieve DISC Mastery

Tailor your Certified DISC Coach Training based on your role in the organization and how you want to achieve professional success. Our range of courses are designed for HR professionals, executive leaders, consultants, and coaches who want to better connect with others.

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When mastering the art of people-reading, your ultimate goal is optimizing outcomes, not judging others.

Harrison Monarth, author, Executive Presence

Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

Karen Salmansohn

Communication is the real work of leadership.

Nitin Nohria

Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.

H. Jackson Brown

Upcoming DISC Coach
Certification Classes

2019 Certified DISC Coach™ Program

2019 Certified DISC Coach™ Program

Harvey SmithHarvey Smith, Instructor
Course Details
2019 Certified DISC Coach™ Program

2019 Certified DISC Coach™ Program

Harvey SmithHarvey Smith, Instructor
Course Details
2019 Certified DISC Coach™ Program

2019 Certified DISC Coach™ Program

Harvey SmithHarvey Smith, Instructor
Course Details
Certified DISC+ Values Coach™ Program

Certified DISC+ Values Coach™ Program

Christine KinneyChristine Kinney, Instructor
Course Details
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  • Practical, high value, multiple learning styles addressed. Efficient and effective facilitation. Valuable job aids and tools.

    Dr. Rita SmithDr. Rita Smith

  • I encourage any coach or consultant who’s looking th change the lives of their clients, whether they be organizations or individuals, to invest in this certification program. Since I was certified, I turned around my investment 3 times over within a few months.

    Michael Diettrich-ChastainMichael Diettrich-Chastain

  • Taking this course will increase your self-awareness and that of others resulting in enhanced results.  Christine was professional, facilitated excellent conversations and allowed space for true discovery and growth

    Darby StarnesDarby Starnes

  • This program gave me the credibility and skill to effectively administer and debrief DISC to impact effective communication and success in the workplace.

    Denola BurtonDenola Burton

  • This was a great workshop, clear knowledge and understanding of the content and translates the information in a way that makes it real for every participant in the room.  The facilitator has a very comfortable and relaxed style but keeps things moving.

    Bonnie DanielsBonnie Daniels